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Loki’s Loop Relaunched With New Games

[Published: Oct 16, 2023]

Welcome to the new Loki’s Loop website, with new games, new ways to play, improved resources, additional language versions, and more stability! 

New Games: Two new games — Galaxy and Bo$$BabyKoin — are now available. These games are the product of co-design projects with ARMY fandom and BIPOC scholars respectively. They are adaptations of the Euphorigen game (same puzzle logic) with entirely new narratives to appeal to different audiences. Galaxy explores misinformation in popular media, based on the fictional story of a K-Pop group. Bo$$BabyKoin involves the fictional story of a popular influencer in a Black community promoting a new digital currency. 

New ways to play: We have two new exciting ways to play. First, all games can be played online and in-person. For the in-person version, you need to register, download the kit, and print the materials on your own. Many libraries, schools, and organizations putting on events have found our in-person kits particularly useful…and fun!

Second, we’ve added a no-host option. You simply gather some friends and play on your own time. No registration required. We added this option since we heard from many people that finding a host was a bottleneck and we wanted to make the game widely available. In the coming months we’ll be adding a brief post-game experience for the no-host versions to facilitate conversation, reflection, and absorption of the learning goals. Stay tuned!

Improved resources: We’ve updated all of our resources to make them more useful for librarians, teachers and others who want to be game hosts and use the games for their communities. The post-game kit, for instance, includes many real-life examples of misinformation that are similar to those found in the puzzles. 

New languages: Over the past year several individuals have approached us for assistance in localizing Euphorigen in their own languages. We’re grateful for the interest and are pleased to host and  promote the games for broader uptake. At the moment, only the in-person version of these games are available.

More stability: We are aware that some of our users who tried to play Euphorigen over the last couple of months sometimes experienced challenges with playing the video. We rebuilt the website and game engine from the ground up and expect it to be more reliable and flexible for our future game plans. 

We hope you enjoy the games, and please reach out to us at lokisloop@uw.edu for any questions, comments, or wish to learn more about the project. 

The Loki’s Loop Team