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The Euphorigen Investigation: Mission

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The Euphorigen Investigation

For years a supplement called “Euphorigen” has been used by the very wealthy to boost brain activity and productivity. Now the Government wants to make the benefits of Euphorigen available to everyone by introducing it into the public water supply. The company that makes Euphorigen claims to have completed successful trials, and an announcement of the deal is expected shortly. But your investigator friend has suspicions, and has heard that a prominent scientist has recorded a statement on whether or not the company’s claims are to be believed. She’s asked you to help find and share that information with the public. You have only 45 minutes to track down whatever information you can on Euphorigen to uncover the truth, and spread the word! The Euphorigen Investigation is an online escape room that immerses players in a world of manipulated media, social media bots, deepfakes and other forms of deception. Join teams of 4-6 players and a game host and see if you can solve the mystery!

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