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Planet 5 Galaxy

Mission Statement

PLANET5 is a popular new K-Pop group, and the five members have toured the world, singing to millions and charming everyone along the way. You’ve just become a new fan – a member of their fan community, known as the GALAXY! You’re excited to join Twitter and meet other Galaxy members, and you’re lucky enough to have already made a fellow fan friend, who’s excited to share news with you.

PLANET5 member WooJoo, called WJ by fans, is definitely your bias, and you follow lots of accounts dedicated to them and some even follow you back, which is super exciting for a new fan – all these new friends! But there have been rumblings in the fandom for a while, and disturbing news of how PLANET5’s company PYRE has been treating WJ, including reports of abuse and mismanagement, cutting him out of songs and stopping him from pursuing his dreams. Your new friend is passing along lots of news and evidence of this abuse, but you have your suspicions, and with a new fan campaign to send a truck to PYRE to protest their treatment of WJ launching in less than an hour, you have to track down whatever information you can to uncover the truth, and spread the word!

NOTE: This game shares puzzle content with the Euphorigen Investigation, but has a distinct narrative.

Acknowledgment: This game was created in partnership with Arpita Bhattacharya (@a_sliceoftime), Candace Epps-Robertson (@DrEppsrobertson), Jin Ha Lee (@ElegantLogic), Lidia Morris (@lidiajom), Michelle Situ (@swtsamme), Rachel Stephenson (@mapofthemang), and Desy Wahyuni.