Loki's Loop

Host a Game for Group Learning

What does it mean to “host a game for group learning”?

Loki’s loop escape room games are live, interactive events that can be played by teams of 4-6 players. The game can be played either with a game host or without one. The key differences between the two versions are:

Playing with a host:

  • Designed for group learning
  • Includes two parts to the experience: (a) game play (~45 mins) and (b) debrief (~15 mins)
  • Game host plays the role of facilitator, providing hints and leading a debrief discussion. 

Playing without a host:

  • Designed for play and self-directed learning
  • Game host is replaced by a resource kit that includes debrief questions and real life examples

Most learning occurs when there is an opportunity to discuss and reflect on a game experience. Having a host facilitate a game and lead players through a post-game debrief is the best way to achieve this. Our games are optimally designed for game hosts (e.g. librarians, teachers) who also gain experience hosting the game with repeated plays. 

The non-host version is also effective (and fun!). This version allows people to play whenever and with whoever they want.  Currently, the non-host version of our games are only available for online play. 

Designed for Librarians & Educators

Loki’s Loop games are especially designed for librarians, teachers and other educators.  Such professionals are uniquely equipped to help their patrons and students navigate the current information environment. 

Role of the game host

  • Welcome players to the game
  • Read the mission statement and provide directions
  • Provide hints if players struggle
  • Celebrate when players accomplish each puzzle
  • Facilitate post-game debrief discussion