Loki's Loop

Launching Euphorigen

[Published: June 9, 2022]  On June 14 we will be launching The Euphorigen Investigation, our first escape room game! Both online and in-person versions of the game are now available, free of charge, for libraries, schools and organizations with an educational mission.  WebJunction will be hosting a webinar to mark the launch and introduce people to Euphorigen. […]


[Published: March 18, 2022] On March 15 the UW Center for an Informed Public, together with Washington State University’s Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, held the annual MisinfoDay. The purpose of MisinfoDay is to teach high school students, teachers and librarians how to identify and combat online misinformation and disinformation. Students take away knowledge and skills they […]

Population Health Initiative Grant Received

[Published: March 2, 2022] We received a pilot grant from the UW Population Health Initiative to explore the development of an escape room in the public health arena. The grant gives us an opportunity to connect and collaborate with experts in other areas. At the UW, the project includes health informatics expert Julie Kientz (Professor and Chair, Human Centered […]

Demonstrations 2021

[Published: December 12, 2021] The nice thing about an online game is that it is easy to run the game anywhere in the world. And since so many conferences moved online during COVID-19, this gave us more opportunities to share the experience and get feedback. Below is a list of some of the places we […]

IMLS Grant Awarded

[Published: November 19, 2021] The Loki’s Loop project received a National Leadership Grant from IMLS. Now the prototype can be turned into something more robust and extend the project into new areas. There are many students involved in the project through our “directed research group,” a type of class that allows students to enroll over multiple […]

New: Pop-up Version for In-person Play!

[Published: August 20, 2021] The pandemic has turned everything upside down…including the order in which we developed the Euphorigen Investigation escape room. Since we had the opportunity to host a number of foreign visitors on campus, we created a pop-up version of the escape room for in-person play. Four teams competed and escaped in times […]

Exploratory Study

[Published: March 21, 2021] In Winter 2021, we enlisted a number of libraries from across Washington State as partners for piloting the Euphorigen Investigation. We designed this as an exploratory study to learn about the game experience and to make improvements. We were interested in both the players (members of the general public) and librarians […]

Developing the Euphorigen Investigation

[Published: November 13, 2020] Our first escape room – The Euphorigen Investigation – came to shape during Summer and Fall of 2020. We interviewed several librarians with experience implementing escape rooms, drew on research from CIP and elsewhere, and produced and tested several iterations, making design decisions along the way. Online: Due to COVID-19, we […]


[Published: June 10, 2020] At the end of 2019 we launched the Center for an Informed Public (CIP), a university-wide center to study misinformation and translate research into policy, technology design, curriculum development, and public engagement. The University of Washington is one of five recipients of start-up funding from the Knight Foundation. One of our focus areas […]